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Every year Chicago Reader asks Chicagoans what the best pizza in town is, the best Chicago dog or what is the best watering hole open till 4am.  Check out this years list for best of Chicago 2015.

We asked our readers and after 175,000 votes, countless hours of tallying, sorting and pizza nights (important), we derived 140 categories and top establishments, artists or products this city has to offer.

And we are guiltless. As other publications heap on easy superlatives, our critics have dug deeper, sometimes into ungoogleable territory. How else (until now) could you get information on the city’s Best Postconfessional Tacos, the Best Secret Microcinema, or the Best Lasers at an Underground Rave?

Why do we do this every year you ask?  Simple – we strive for best and want to share that with our readers.

So go ahead and see what is the best hidden bookstore or best Best Punk-Rock LGBTQ Night.  For complete listings visit Chicago Reader.