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No matter which team you support, it’s officially baseball season in Chicago. It’s too early to tell if the Sox will repeat their 2005 World Series victory, or if this will finally be the year the Cubbies end the curse of the billy goat.
What we do know is this – if you’re going to a game this spring, you’re gonna get hungry.
We’re taking some advice from the food experts at Eater Chicago and offering a roundup of some of the new snacks at each stadium.

Don’t have tickets for a game? No problem, pick your seats for the Sox here and here for the Cubs. Enjoy the game and chow down!

Wrigley Field

Colossal Deconstructed Dog: Scoot over to the Audi Club for this hefty portion of protein. It’s a char-grilled, 8-ounce Frankenwurst served with Chicago-style garnish on the side.

Buffalo Chicken Fries: Forget choosing between chicken and fries. Now, they’re combined! The Decades Dog stand offers a pile of fries topped with buffalo chicken, scallions and, of course, bleu cheese.

Chicago Dog Bloody Mary: The traditional cocktail comes with a Windy City-style twist. Not only is it served in a take-home mason jar rimmed with poppy seeds and celery salt, but the snackable skewer includes a Vienna Beef red hot and accompanying garnish – just no ketchup.

Buona Beef: The city’s famed Italian beef — and sausages – are entering the major league this season after being offered at Arizona Spring Training games.

Gilbert’s Craft Sausages: Found on the main concourse, Gilbert’s Grill Cart offers three new selections: the caprese sausage (chicken sausage topped with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and a balsamic glaze); the aloha sausage (chicken sausage under a mountain of pineapple salsa, lime aioli, hot sauce and potato chip crumbles) and the beef and cheddar (a cheddar beef sausage piled with mac and cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and barbecue sauce.)

U.S. Cellular Field

Beggar’s Pizza Pub: South-Side-centered Beggar’s is already the official pie of the Sox. Now, it offers dine-in service in Section 163 and gourmet pizza in the center field concourse. Get your carb-fix from fried ravioli, cheese-filled breadsticks, BBQ chicken pies and chicken parm sandwiches. Finish it off with a deep-dish chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

Tater Tachos: Served in a tiny green Sox helmet, tater tots are the foundation of this ball park favorite. Look for them in Sections 110 and 544.

Merkt’s Cheesy Beef Sandwich: Think of it as cheeseteak 2.0. It tosses thin-sliced ribeye steak grilled with Merkt’s cheese. The combo is served on a hoagie roll with “Chi-Town” pico.

Adult Hot Cocoa and Snow Cones: Stay warm and happy during chilly April games with a cup of steaming cocoa mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream. When the weather warms, switch to snow cones doused in flavored syrup and vodka. Available at Snow Cone Carts in Sections 105 and 533.