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Visiting Chicago? If you’ve already been to the Bean, museums and Navy Pier, try something new and step off the beaten path and into one of the city’s 77 unique neighborhoods.

Each has one-of-a-kind places to shop, eat and explore. Need a little guidance? No problem.

This week’s spotlight: Fulton Market 


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Summary: Fulton Market was originally the center of Chicago’s meat-packing district just west of the Loop. Today, it’s full of modern, industrial-style buildings and a hub for up-and-coming restaurants.



The Publican | 837 W. Fulton Market

Communal tables, a warm, rustic atmosphere and pork and oysters that are considered some of the city’s best. If pig and seafood aren’t your favorites, there are plenty of other items on the menu to catch your eye.

publican 3 the publican publican 2

Chicken & Farm Shop | 113-125 N. Green St.

This dimly lit space is the perfect place to enjoy some southern comfort food. The dirty burger and chicken and waffles are a few of the favorites.

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Publican Quality Meats | 825 W. Fulton Market St.

This unique neighborhood butcher shop has options ranging from fresh breads and cheeses to soups and sandwiches. The Parm #2 is a must-try.

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(Photos via Eric J. Kevin N. and Jenny L.)

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken | 847 W. Fulton Market

This Tennessee favorite recently landed in the West Loop, bringing one heck of a crispy coat. Gus’s fries everything in peanut oil, resulting in ultimate chicken experience with none of the greasy-finger aftermath. Check out Our City’s Guide to the Best Fried Chicken to see where Gus’s stands.


gus's nicole t gus's lisa l

(Photos Via Nicole T. and Lisa L.)

Swift & Sons | 1000 W. Fulton Market

Swift & Sons is an ode to the 19th century cattle industry. The steak tartare and crab cakes are great starters, followed by steak as the main course — each is served with a sauce trio for dipping. If you have any room left, end your meal with the cookie skillet for dessert.

swift and sons 2 swift and sons swift and sons 3

La Sirena Clandestina | 954 W. Fulton Market

It’s where the chef’s Brazilian background meets two decades of Chicago living to produce some incredible tapas. Fried cauliflower, kale salad, grilled hanger steak, head-on prawns and the empanadas are a must. Don’t even thinking about skipping dessert. The Hibiscus Coconut Panna Cotta and Quatro Chocolates are just two not to miss.

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Roister | 951 W. Fulton Market

At Roister, the kitchen is the restaurant and you can watch the chefs in action. For small plates, try the cheddar rilelttes, the hush puppies, smoked oysters, hearth-baked lasagna or the butter piped pasta with clams. As for entrees, the whole chicken, maple-poached salmon and A-5 Japanese Wagyu are favorites.

roister roister 1

Cemitas Puebla | 817 W. Fulton Market

Looking for for a casual meal in the market? Cemitas Puebla turns out great tacos and sandwiches. The Atomica (sandwich) and the Arabe (sandwich or taco) are the favorites.

cemitas publa 4 cemitas puebla 3

Next | 953 W. Fulton Market

Next is a fine dining experience of the highest quality. The restaurant changes the menu every four months to create a new dining experience. No matter when you go, you’ll get to partake of the chef’s tasting menu and beautiful drink pairings.

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